Corporate Program

We love our customers and we know your customers/clients/staff will love us too ! In order to help you make your customers really happy, we have devised several corporate packages for organizations and companies looking to make an impact with their premium corporate gifts. We are able to create special editions or custom cases with each companies' own tagline/logo branding.

Whether, you are a creative agency looking to create some unique cases to package your presentation kits for that important sales pitch or a manager looking to create a team-inspired laptop case for all your guys, just drop us an email and share with us your ideas. We'll love to hear you out !

Our products are highly customizable and we provide various services such as custom logo printing/stitching, pattern designing, artwork printing as well as form-factor customization. Minimium quantity of 50 units.

Sounds a little too technical ? Don't worry, just drop us an email at and our guys will contact you soon and explain all of the above in simple english for you !