How are Fabrix cases different from the neoprene case that I see in most computer stores ?

Firstly, Fabrix cases add colours to life by harnessing fashionable materials in our products, unlike the dull and boring black cases that you normally see in stores. Each Fabrix case is unique as they are individually handmade and hence you wouldn’t be able to find an exact duplicate anywhere in the world. Each Fabrix case is sewn to precision to fit the specific dimensions of each intended device, unlike mass-produced cases which come in generalised sizings, Fabrix cases are constructed to fit specifically for your device, meaning no more of your devices swimming in exccessively large cases. Would you rather own a “one-of-the-many-made” or a “specially-made-for-you” case ?

Are Fabrix cases just sleeves or thin covers ? Are they padded ?

Each Fabrix case is individually handcraft to fit the specific dimensions of each intended device. The interior is lined with inner paddings to offer optimum protection for your precious devices, especially against light bumps and knocks.

Is the level of protection and thickness of each Fabrix case the same regardless of design ?

Different designs might varies slightly in overall level of protection and thickness, depending on the material used in the design. Certain materials are slightly tougher by nature and hence will be able to offer a higher level of protection for your devices.

Are the cases water-proof ?

Fabrix cases are generally water-resistant but not water-proof. We have already factored in such considerations prior to our materials selection process and each material that we use are fairly water resistant.

Are the cases washable ?

Yes, Fabrix cases are fully constucted using fabrics , just like the clothes we wear. Hence, they are washable. However, we strongly discourage frequent washing as that might cause the fitting and shape of the case to change overtime. It is recommended that Fabrix cases be washed with very mild soap, using lukewarm water and dried naturally so as to retain its original form. After washing and drying, place the Fabrix case on a flat surface and put a piece of paper on top of it before ironing gently. That should get your Fabrix case back into shape.

I do not own an Apple iDevice but I would like to get a Fabrix case for my other branded devices. Can I do that ?

Fabrix has not forgotten about you guys! Fabrix cases are not only meant for Apple products. We do offer a customisation service whereby you can decide what specific dimensions you would like to build your Fabrix case into. However, please note that a small customisation fee will be chargeable for this service. The fee usually ranges between US$3 - 5 (for small sized devices) and between US$5 - 10(for larger sized devices above 15cm x 15cm). Do visit our customise section to find out more or drop us an email directly at hello@madebyfabrix.com and our friendly staff will guide you along.

Are there Add-on options like pockets, velcro straps and handles ?

Yes, Fabrix does offer Add-on options for a small additional fee. However, please note that not all models are suitable to add pockets and handles. It is best that you drop our guys an email if you would like to get such Add-ons.

Can I add zippers ?

Unfortunately, Fabrix does not offer zippers as an Add-on option, simply because the metallic edges of the zipper tend to scratch the beautiful surface of your devices when slotting it in and out of the case. As such, Fabrix tries not to harness any hard or sharp components in the manufacturing process. Instead, we do offer Add-ons like velcro straps which function as similar securing mechanisms. Please refer to the table above for the additional charges.

The design that I like is indicated as out-of-stock. Would you guys be bringing in more of it in the future ?

Each Fabrix case is only produced in limited numbers. We usually do not bring back old designs. However, there will constantly be new additions to our range so please check out our site often !

How long will it usually take to receive my order ?

If the items that you have order are in available in our inventory, they will be shipped out the next working day. Else, we will immediately produce the item and that will usually take another 3-4 working days to complete (depending) before shipping out. In general, the estimate delivery times are as follows :

Shipped via 
Singpost Local 2 -5 business days
International Airmail 12-18 business days
International Express Courier 2-5 business days

My company is keen to create a range for our employees/clients, do you guys take in corporate orders?

Hell yeah! In fact, we have been making custom cases for quite a lot of corporate companies since the start of our business. Simply drop us an email with your company information and requirements. Our sales personnel will get back to you really soon !


Please feel free to reach us directly at hello@madebyfabrix.com and we will try to answer all your questions.